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Wooden Beard & Hair Combs

The benefits of using a wooden comb, whether it's your beard or scalp, outweigh the use of plastic by far! 1) Less static. If you have less oily hair, you can definitely appreciate this point. Nothing like trying to comb your hair down and getting a steady flow of static going! 2) It helps to condition your hair. The fibers of the wood help to coat the entire shaft of the follicles of hair with the natural oils from your hair, also making detangling much easier. 3) Because of the aforementioned, less snagging which = less breakage and split ends!!! Need I say more there?? 4) Also because of the aforementioned, less dandruff! 5) It helps to massage the scalp, increasing blood flow, implenting natural nutritional value to your roots, making it an all around a better experience for your hair! 6) Especially if your dandruff is due to dry acalp... regular massage with your wooden comb will help to normalize the oil production of your crown. Added bonus, minus dandruff, for all the reasons listed above it helps to add bounce and body to your hair. It can be hard to find a good wooden comb in stores but we do have some beautiful carved sandalwood combs in stock and for anyone looking to utilize it in spiritual ritual it also makes for a beautiful offering.

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