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Sweet Almond Oil

If you haven't noticed by now, I often post about the various ingredients included and infused in Millenheirs products because I love and hope that you can appreciate the quality ingredients used. Aside from being handmade, create in/with/around love, using quality grade ingredients the intent behind the products are healing benefactors! How many of us have dealt with hair, skin, or spiritual problems at one time or another and could have used mother nature, if nothing else, to step in and minimize the negative effects? Personally, I've been able to outgrow but help others, children & elders especially, overcome or maintain things like pain and eczema. If you have a child with eczema, you know the struggle and know what it's like to empathize with your childs pain. So nonetheless, I feel it is important to be meticulous in choosing the things we put on our body just as we should be with what we put in our body. More times than not it is the other way around and frankly if "WE" dont care, who will!?

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