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Mane Growth Hair Pomade

"Mane tame" your hair and locs with the smell & feel of royalty(our proprietary essential oil blend). Enjoy the benefits of a King! Our hair pomade has been combined with our scalp serum to produce a hair growth and strengthening pomade geared to address balding, thinning, and hair loss. With a clean subtle scent, this product is made with essential oils and is used for styling. Great for fine hair, natural hair, ceasar cuts, braids, men & women alike! Scrape a bean-sized amount out of the jar, place it on one palm, and rub them together, creating friction, until the product is warmed until it melts. Feel free to start with more but remember it is always better to start with a small amount of product because you can always add more easier than you can remove excess. Use both hands to rub the product into the roots of hair. Pull fingers through your hair to the ends and repeat until the pomade is evenly distributed. If you are going for a combed look, repeat with a comb until desired style is achieved. A blow dryer and pomade can work wonders as well and helps to melt the product more and create an even shine. Work hair into the desired hairstyle. For slick backs or side parts, comb hair in one direction. For spiked hairstyle, pull hair straight up with pinched fingers. For braids, work into the scalp as braids are completed. For textured styles, pinch small sections of hair together. For ceasar cuts, apply and brush hair as normal. Uses and styles are endless and the right cut and style will have you looking like the royalty you are in no time!

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