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Updated: Nov 1, 2021


Is your day stressful? It's not difficult to believe in today's world. So let's take advantage of this opportunity to unwind if you've made it this far. It's great to take a minute to relax and appreciate yourself. This evening, we'll listen to some vibes, burn some yerba santa and sage on the charcoal, and talk about our clay masks and activated charcoal face masks that help you clear your mind.

I'm sure you've heard or read that we are constantly exposed to skin-damaging components such as toxins, stress, and environmental pollutants, which create difficulties like inflammation, bacterial imbalance, and toxicity. Starting from inside is now one of the most efficient strategies to cope with detoxification. That may sometimes signify heart space, the meals we eat, the liquids we drink, or the substances we use to lace our temples, but let's not go there just yet.

We could dive even further into generational trauma, ancestral journeys, or spiritual struggles and how they can develop as difficulties, but we won't. Without being too superficial, let's leave profound and thorough healing for another discussion. Let's start by taking the edge off. Most of us probably don't have a regular skin regimen, and some of us dress down in make-up often to fix the flaw, but you have nothing to worry about since got you covered.

Clay and activated charcoal face masks are one of the product categories we sell. Not the sort you strap to the back of your ears, but the kind you take to the beach or bathroom and paint on your face in preparation for some me-time relaxation!


Our face masks were designed with this in mind. For example, our Moroccan Red clay mask contains rose hips and cranberry extract, among other beneficial components. Clay is one of them.

Clay is high in several nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron, and potassium. Moroccan Red Clay, in particular, dug under the Atlas Mountains, is supposed to help smooth out blotchy skin tone and treat acne, particularly stubborn blackheads. Several clinical trials have been conducted.

Because of its high silica and magnesium content, this kind of clay has been shown in several clinical investigations to help enhance skin suppleness. According to findings presented at the 12th meeting of the National Institute of Phytotherapy in Paris in 1985 (originally The Department for Traditional Medicine, within the National Institute for Research on Public Health (part of the Ministry of Health), founded in 1968), the mineral properties include a high percentage of silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Clinical studies conducted in the United States by two different research laboratories suggest that Rhassoul clay (Ghassoul) may help to reduce dryness, flakiness, improve skin clarity, improve skin elasticity/firmness, improve skin texture, remove surface oil and oil from inside and around your comedones.

It also helps remove dead skin layers and generally smoothes the surface skin without completely drying it out. When utilized appropriately, it has shown remarkable results.

Balance Oil

Many of us are born with oily skin that removes impurities and surplus oils without over-drying the skin. Moroccan Red or Rhassoul clay are practical options that help purify your skin when used appropriately. When freshly minced, it has a polished brown, soap-like clay appearance that is lumpy and resembles rocks.

Detox & Exfoliate

The finished product would be an excellent complement to products for cleaning, detoxifying, and general skincare with further development. It may be incorporated into /used as soap, skin conditioner, shampoo, and facial and body masks.


Its oat beta-glucan content is even reported to promote collagen formation and cellular turnover, while natural antioxidants protect against free radical damage. Along with natural cellular turnover, just rubbing the face mask into your face with texture, movement, and gravity promotes exfoliation, dirt removal, and pore opening. explaining why it's very beneficial for cleansing, whitening, and strengthening the skin.

"All clays contain minerals that soothe skin and absorb excess oil, but the high levels of iron oxide in red clay explain why it's particularly useful for purifying, brightening, and strengthening the skin," dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai in New York City, said in one article. The usage of clay or activated charcoal face masks is not a new concept. They were employed in ancient times, and ancient, traditional, and even some contemporary writings say that humans have used it to heal skin concerns as far back as 60 B.C. and up to the present day.

Our Seaweed & Aloe Activated Charcoal Facial Cleansing Mask and Carrot & Ginseng Activated Charcoal Facial Cleansing Mask would be excellent additions to your arsenal of valuable natural products. Look, it's not any less masculine or feminine than it is. Everyone deserves to unwind once in a while.

Why not relax like a piece of fresh fruit and bask in an attempt to improve your mood and pamper yourself? Facial masks aren't designed to be the be-all and end-all of your skincare regimen. Still, they do serve various functions, including hydrating, moisturizing, cleaning, and encouraging relaxation.

Clay is used as a continuous therapy for skincare in many civilizations throughout the globe. Green clay has traditionally been used in spas and baths by the French and other Western cultures for its medicinal properties. French Green Clay, similar to Moroccan Red Clay and which we also stock, is recognized for its robust antibacterial properties.

Our Avocado Cucumber Facial Cleansing Mask with French Green Clay is produced with excellent French Green clay. This clay has also been utilized for therapeutic reasons in the African Ivory Coast, with studies indicating that it may help heal necrotic skin infections and other viral skin diseases. When combined with our salt and sugar scrubs formulated with Avocado, Apricot, Jojoba, Hemp, Olive, or other healthy oils, our products are designed to restore equilibrium, if not to improve the complexion.

A refreshing mask or scrub, used as little as once or twice a week, may assist in the treatment and prevention of breakouts.

For effective use:

⦁ Cleanse or wash your face with warm water and soap.

⦁ Apply the mask with a brush or applicator.

⦁ Chill-ax and wait for the mask to get dry while you enjoy life (Be it the beach, the mountains, the bath, or simply breeze candles, or musical soundtrack) (Be it the beach, the mountains, the bath, or simply breeze candles, or musical soundtrack)

⦁ Then rinse it away with lukewarm water.

⦁ Towel blot or air-dry after the face mask has been thoroughly washed away.

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