The Benefits of Natural Grooming Products:

The beauty and grooming industry has continued to evolve with the times, There was a time, in the not so distant past, where due to the increasing need for mass production of bodycare products, companies inundated the market with cheap chemical-laden ingredients in order to keep costs down. Although it saved these companies money it was and is detrimental for the cunsumers that are applying them directly to their bodies as well as their family members that use the products.

Pthalates(often found in fragrances and parfumes), sulfates, and parabens often ontribute to long term health problems, reproductive issues, skin problems and more. This is one reason we have chosen to create a line of all natural products using only essential oils with proven benefactors for our health.

It is a very well known and documented fact that as the largest organ, your skin absorbs everything you apply to it very quickly. We ask this simple question. Why would you want to place harmful chemicals and additives to your skin knowing that it was being absorbed directly into your body?

The growing trend in the beauty and grooming industry is a return to all-natural ingredients, not only for the health benefits, but also, because they are at times more effective than the man-made chemicals. Nature has provided a bounty of ingredients that can be used to improve skin as well as aid in healing. Our bodies and skin react differently to natural ingredients and with regular use you can begin to see less irritated skin as well as improved complexion and often and quite possibly other advantages. The essential oils we choose not only smell great but they address things from sleep patterns, anxiety, to a need to clear negativity or improve skin conditions. This is only the beginning. We believe in addressing health as a journey and we should do so holistically which is why we have adopted a commitment to take things step by step in an approach to improve mind, body, & spirit.

As an industry, Men's Personal Grooming still has a long way to go to catch up with our female counterparts. Much research and development has been put into this multi-billion dollar industry and it is likely that much more is still needed. However, progress is happening! As the world and industry evolves, it is our fervant desire that you do so for the better as well! However, one of things that sets us apart is that with Millenheirs grooming you can enjoy the benefits & delightful scents of our chemical-free, all natural hair, skin, & body care products without the worry of such detriment.