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360 Waves Black Hair Tricks for the Royal Crown

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

360 waves is a famous Black men's haircut that has been around for generations. If you're wondering where it got its name, it originates from the circular wave pattern that emerges and spirals out from the cowlick over time. You can get this look if you have exceptionally short, natural curls from the root, and of course, you have patience and a few essential tools.

Previously referred to as "brush waves" by some due to how they develop around the head, 360 waves have now become a trendy hairstyle option for many men with natural hair. We agree that they're a sleek, professional approach to appreciating your natural texture while adding a trendy twist to your look. If that is your style, keep reading to find out more about developing and maintaining them.

How to Make 360 Waves

You can easily achieve 360-degree waves with short hair with a bit of patience and the right products and equipment. Before you begin generating 360 waves, there are a few tools you'll need:

· Natural pomade (Millenheirs Hair Growth Pomade)

· Brush

· Shampoo and conditioner,

· Durag / Nightcap

You don't need much, but these three items will help you achieve and keep your waves in place. When it comes to brushes, you can never go wrong with soft bristles.

Get a Haircut

For an ideal wave, keep your hair roughly 12" short, but you may begin the brushing procedure with short chopped hair if you choose. You'll be cutting with short clippers only around your head for at least six weeks after this, so go to a barber you trust. After getting a waves haircut, rinse your hair with a dynamic shampoo and conditioner before beginning to scrub away any residue.

When you're waiting for your waves to build, you'll be going longer between washes, so it's best to start with a clean foundation.

Apply your Product

A quarter-sized dab of wave cream, such as Millenheirs Men Argan Oil & Shea Butter Oil Pomade, is usually sufficient for the whole head.

Brush Hair

Brush downward from the spiral, starting at the crown or the point where your cowlick first appears. 2 minutes is needed for brushing.

Where Durag

This is entirely optional and should only be used if you wish to prevent your waves from being muddled while you sleep. The durag should be removed the following day. Repeat the procedure for a total of three weeks.

No brushing or shampooing for two weeks or as long as you can stand it. We believe that one week is tolerable, but two weeks is recommended. Remember that shampooing disrupts your curl pattern; thus, your waves will be more defined the longer you can go without shampooing.

For great results, brush your hair while it's still wet if you want to create a tighter wave. This also aids in the prevention of hair breakage. Make sure you brush your hair evenly all over your head. Patience is a virtue, and you'll be sporting that stunning 360-degree waves hairdo in no time.

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