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Springtime Grooming Routines

Spring has sprung! These next few months are represented with blooming flowers and sunshine in the sky. These things let us know that Spring season is here, but what does that mean for our skin and our grooming routines? We take the time to change our wardrobe, but do we understand how the changing weather affects our skin and hair. It’s time to change it up – and get ready for Spring. It’s time to think past the our beards!

With the colder-than-normal start to Spring that has just recently passed, your skin is not yet accustomed to the change in climate. Some day, it is still chilly and the next warmer. This can cause your skin to dry out tremendously. In order to keep your skin moisturized and ready you need to always remember to help hydrate it. After the hard work is done and the day is thru, it is easy to find your skin in need of some tender love and care. In the midst of the work, we often forget to stop and treat ourselves but even the hardest callouses and those areas prone to dryness can benefit from a good rub down in our Elbow Grease. Great grooming routines include great looking skin.

Great skin care must also include your lips. Again the changing climate can be harder on the delicate lip area. Hydration for your lips can be found by using Cocoa Butter. This is a great moisturizer that will help to soothe even the most stubborn chapped lips. Another common ingredient you should look for that will help to hydrate your lips along with Cocoa Butter is Shea Butter. Both of these are good sources of hydration because both of these ingredients are completely natural products. Our Eucalyptus Mint Lip Balm is made with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Mango and Coconut Oil and is the perfect combination to soothe cracked dry lips. Regular use will make sure your lips are ready at all times.

With the change in humidity and temperature, our facial hair can also get a little out of sorts. When looking at a total grooming routine, along with keeping a well-maintained and groomed beard, it is essential to keep the coarser hair hydrated and in place. Investing in a beard balm and oil is an essential must have for every man sporting a beard. These products will not only keep stubborn facial hair in place, but also soften your stubble and keep you looking sharp throughout the day. Between our Royalty Beard Balm and our Mustache and Beard Oil – looking like a million bucks is now down to one last thing. – our hair.

With the warmer weather, most of us are looking to shorten our hairstyle and get the most recent fades, styles, and cuts that are trending. However, whether you choose tokeep your hair long – or sport a new short style – a full range of hair care products will be needed. Changing weather changes how our hair reacts. Those with finer hair made need to boost volume and those with fuller coarser hair may need the extra hydration to keep it tamed and in place. Millenheirs has the hair care from shampoo, pomades, serums, etc. that every grooming routine should include. One thing is for sure – being well groomed truly starts with how our hair looks.

Top all of these products off with a great set of tools to keep yourself groomed for spring is essential for every man. Millenheirs is a lifestyle. Looking sharp is part of that lifestyle we all look to pursue. This Spring – change up your grooming routine – look sharp and fresh – and let Millenheirs take your grooming routine to the next level!

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