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Spring Cleaning & Butterbean Soup

Ever need a recipe for an awesome butterbean soup to captivate the best of those vegeatble ingredients? Look no further. I am going to let you in on my secret ingredients. Butter bean vegetable soup, ginger tea, spring cleaning, windows open, incense burning, creating, watered plants, fresh lawn, fresh laundry, bottled infusing, inspired, sunny days on deck. Welcome to spring!

Recipe includes Summer Squash Onion Yellow Sweet peppers Red Sweet peppers Orange Sweet peppers Purple potatoes Red Potatoes Tumeric Vidalia Onion Celery Thyme Burbere Butter Beans Red sweet peppers Paprika Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Garlic Mustard powder Lemon Juice White vinegar, Hickory Smoke concentrate Cayenne

Black Pepper

Once you have these all cut up, add to a pot of water and boil them on medium heat in a large pot for approximately an 90 minutes or untul things are tender to your liking. Remember, you want to keep this soupy so maintain your water level at 2-3 times the volume of vegetables your decide to use. I am most certain you will enjoy but especially because I did not include precise measurements here. Try it for yourself. Tell me what you think!

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