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Mahogany is a strong wood and Its spiritual properties include healing of the emotions and spirit. It assists you with spiritual growth and guidance. It is also a wood of protection and strength.

When I spoke to this old wise guy he imparted in me lifetimes of encouragement. It was amazing hearing from an old friend. It was awesome the whispers gained by just sitting at his base and enjoying nature. Listening to everything from the waves crashing to the breeze pass by, I could hear cars in the distance but it was almost as if the path of growth was numb to the noise. It was as if the tree knew it's position and authority. It would not be moved. It was unwavering in it's position. No matter what thrashed against it, be it rain, hail, wind, or water it would not fail nor falter. I am a firm believer that the foundation of anything great should be just as determined. The journey is not always easy and it is not always fair but I also believe the stronger and more determined the fight, the more you hold steadfast for what is true and right, the greater the reward(s) of your labor!

Growth, strength, wisdom may not always come easy but remain constant and commited. It will come!

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