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Black Tourmaline is THE go to gemstone for protection on every level (spiritually, energetically, physically, mentally) It also helps to ground and stabilize your energies so you are not depleted by others and/or situations you may face. Wrapped in Copper to enhance the energy of the stone to create an energetic shield around you. 

By definition, obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. A strongly protective stone, Obsidian can help repel negativity in your life!

8mm Prehnite & 6mm Obsidian Men's Beaded Bracelet

  • Using healing gemstones & crystals or often woods & metals, it is our pleasure to help raise vibrations! As noted, most all products are handmade as we want you to feel the love poured into each of them. Check out our collection of Men's, Women's, & Unisex Bracelets.

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