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They say that over 3 billion plastic toothbrushes are used and thrown away every year and end up in the ocean or some landfill. In building a brand that prides itself on products made of herbs, oils, woods, and more while being mindful of our environment this is why it was important to us to not only provide an alternative but provide an even BETTER alternative. Not only are they still aesthetically appealing but they can also be a healthier option than some plastic toothbrushes. Some studies have suggested that the plastics that are used to make toothbrushes can contain harmful chemicals that can end up in our blood stream. Often enough we hear of the dangers of leaching from plastic food containers but health risks are still widely unknown. In general, not using these products can only be a good thing and we are not saying do not use them but in the case that you would like an alternative, we do offer just that.


The Millenheirs’ Bamboo Toothbrush is made of the following:


Nylon Bristles:

All natural 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrush comes in one size and is made with soft nylon bristles.


Biodegradable Handle:

-Bamboo Handle made off all natural giant moso bamboo


Compostable packaging:

-Packaging is also made of 100% paper and is biodegradable as well


The greatest benefit to our toothbrush is that they are made of eco-friendly material and are safe to use. In efforts to continue bettering our planet, reducing waste where we can is very important. A bamboo toothbrush would help to eliminate unnecessary waste but can give you the same quality of cleaning that a plastic brush can offer. Both our packaging and toothbrush can easily be recycled and used for compost.


The bamboo toothbrush is increasingly gaining popularity around the world because it is biodegradable and just as effective as plastic or electric. This bamboo toothbrush has a bamboo handle and nylon fibers. Just as with plastic toothbrushes, it can be disposed of for a new brush once you are ready for a fresh start. For anyone switching to the lifestyle in which the way we treat our planet matter on even the smallest level and natural products free of the chemicals that many commercial products are made of, the all-natural bamboo toothbrush is the perfect pair for the Millenheirs activated charcoal tooth powder.

Toothbrush Size: 175 x 15 x 5mm/6.89" x 0.59" x 0.2"

Weight: 150g or .33lb

100% Eco-friendly biodegradable bamboo toothbrush

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