Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Millenheirs FAQ:

Beard Care

Is Beard Care a real thing?

Beard Care is a VERY real thing! According to many studies a beard can reduce the risk of skin cancer: Facial hair blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays. Having a beard isn't just fashionable it may also be part of men’s built in survival mechanisms.. There is also research showing that beards likely evolved to help men boost their standing amongst other men. As such, if there are a larger number of single men than women, more men grow beards. Other research also suggests that both men and women find that men with beards appear older, stronger and more aggressive than non-bearded men. That isn’t to say there is anything wrong with either bearded or non-bearded but having a beard has been an increasing trend as of late and as with anything in nature, proper tlc helps bolster health and growth.

What is proper Beard Care?

Recent studies have shown That scientists concluded more bacteria was found in general in the faces of bearded men, suggesting beards trap dirt and germs more easily. This can often lead to skin infections and the spread of bugs, such as staphylococcus, which causes hair follicle bacterial infections, etc. Beards can grow from light and patchy to thick and full and in either case, too much dryness can be damaging or too much oil can be as well. Proper beard care is being aware of this and taking the necessary steps as part of your daily hygiene regimen to ensure you are addressing these concerns with proper washing.

What kind of tools does Millenheirs provide that can assist with beard care?

At the moment we offer beard balm, beard oils, razors and shavettes, beard wash/shampoo and beard conditioners, aftershave, a sandalwood comb and there will be more products in the future.

What is Beard Oil/Balm/Wax?

Beard Oil is a combination of all natural oils that help moisturize your beard, keep it healthy, and give off a great scent. The end result is a softer, healthier, shinier (not greasy), and less wild beard.

Our Beard Balm is similar to Beard Oil except that is has a natural Mango, Shea or Cocoa butter base and a balm/paste/cream consistency. It serves mostly the same purpose as Beard Oil but can be a bit more taming.

In addition to keeping your beard in check, Beard Oil and Balm is also very good for the skin underneath your beard.

What do I do with it? How to Use Beard Oil/Balm:

This can vary depending on the length and thickness of your beard. There is no uniform amount for everyone. While you’ll find the perfect amount through trial and error, a good rule of thumb is a dime-sized puddle in your palm for beard oil and a fingertip-sized blob for beard balm. Rub your palms together for 10-20 seconds then apply. Think of it as a (much classier) hair gel for your beard -- only less will go further compared to gel, your face-hair will tell you when it’s nice and saturated much like your head-hair will.

Can Beard Oil stop my skin from being itchy?

Yes! You can use any of our All Natural, Man Made products to help with itchy skin. In most cases it will help tremendously. Beard Oils and Beard Balms help nourish the skin and relieve itching in addition to making your beard awesome.

Hair, Skin, & Body Care

Can guys use charcoal or clay masks?

Think of a charcoal mask for men as fitting between your face wash and your face scrub. Your mask exfoliates by removing dead skin, oily buildup, and dirt that can clog pores. Using a face mask is especially important for guys with big pores and oily skin or anyone with oily skin for that matter.

What Type of Hair Care Products do you sell?

A salve, hair growth pomade, moisturizing hair cream, braid and loc spray, hair growth serum/oil

What is the hair growth serum/oil made of?

The hair growth serum is an herbal blend of over 12 different herbs used around the world (India, Malaysia, Japan, Africa, etc) that have been known to facilitate or assist with hair growth. Some of these herbs include ginseng, rosemary, green tea, gotu kola, calendula, ginger root, and more. These herbs have been infused into several of our hair and beard growth products. In addition, we often use essential oils that contribute to hair growth and health.

Do you use chemicals in these products?

Making the products can be chemistry and fun creating things that go from solid to liquid, liquid to solid, soluble and gaseous, melting at certain temperatures, etc. but the products are all natural. In necessary products we have added preservatives but even then, we have been careful to select the closest to plant-based preservatives that we could get to ensure products have as much shelf live as possible without causing issues. There are no parabens, fragrances or perfumes, and essential oils are used to scent products as well as add beneficial ingredients as intended by the respective product.

What type of hair are your products for?

We make products for all types of people - all types of hair and skin. The oilier products can be more beneficial to more porous and dryer hair. Lighter oils and products are often more beneficial to fine and thinner hair types. Shampoos and conditioners can be used by all but you should choose morese by your hair type end goal is and use what works best for your hair.

What do your products smell like?

Often enough I try to list several of the essential oils to give one an idea of the scent profiles that you may encounter. Although, many of the products are unisex I stray from heavy floral and fruity scents. As such, you will find a lot of mildly sweet but woody, or pine-y, or sometimes tobacco or bourbon-like, or often more premium grade oils that appeal to men and/or are prevalent in masculine and unisex colognes or oils.

Bracelets, Pendants & Necklaces

Do you make custom pieces?

Absolutely!!! If you see a piece you like but prefer some form of change (ie. Bead size, length, etc.), please email me through the contact form. In most cases, I can make the adjustment without issue. However, there are also cases where a different bead size or wire type may result in a different cost although it is not an issue to work with them. Most wire-wrapped crystals are sold in the wire type that is pictured. However, do still email if you are requesting a different wire-type. If it is a simple wrap that doesn’t require hours of reworking I will try to accommodate. If I have another crystal in house that is similar, I will try to accommodate but in any case please note wrap styles can never be duplicated EXACTLY the same. This is why each piece of our collection is unique. We will attempt to get as close to it as possible.

Wooden Watches

What kind of wood are they made of?

I have included descriptions in either the title or description of each product. We have watches made of ebony wood, zebra wood, sandalwood, pine and more.

Are they only made for MEN?

They are of a larger size and thus men are often more attracted to them but make no mistake, if you like the watch as a woman, you too can wear it! The watches in our collection can have links removed if necessary for a better fit. Many of them come with additional links and a link removal tool in case this needs to be done.

Ritualistic Aromatic

Do you sell smudge bundles?

Yes. Because of growing trends we are cautious of where we source our products and are very sensitive to the world around us and balance of our ecosystem. We are working to grow our own products such as cedar and lavender, etc but we carry various smudging materials. We create our products in in a safe and peaceful space and all our infused with love and products are ethically sourced where possible.

What type of resins do you carry?

Frankincense, Copal, Dragon’s Blood, and more…


What is the purpose of your culinary spices?

Our culinary spice blends are created for consumption. Applications of teas and seasonings are pretty self-explanatory but can be applied as you see fit.