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Snack Time with the Millens

Rambutans Cucumbers Hummus Cheese Crackers It is a rainy day here in Atlanta. Comfort snacks and coffee are on the agenda....

Ever had one of those days where you just want to curl up under the covers against someone or something and get lost in a flick? It was one of those kind of days and I tried hummus for the first time. I know, over 3 decades and you would think that I had indulged before. I can not tell you how many parties I have attended and hummus was the side dish and I looked at it and just wished I had a secret stash of queso and beans instead!

However, after reading recently some of the more negatives about cheese and dairy products I am trying to learn to eliminate them. My wife suggested I try hummus. Reluctantly, I grazed a spoonful with the tip of my tongue. It wasn't as bad as I thought. It was cold but it was seasoned. The consistency was that of pureed beans, I thought. "That's exactly all it is..."she informed me.

"Oh." Someone should have just told me that. It shed a whole new light on what I thought and took the gag effect out of it for me. Although, I still had my cheese along this time, I am now more confident that I have another alternative. If and when seasoned correctly, I wouldn't mind a good side of hummus and can even think of some other dishes this would be excellent in. I would say, another mission accomplished. 1) I tried something new 2) I found an alternative 3) I found another healthy option to add to the reputoire.

We finished this snack off but now I want to add some to some tacos! I would typically eat ground beef tacos but I could put this on fish tacos!!

Ugh, now THAT would be tasty treat would it not?

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