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Peanut Butter Avocado Smoothie

I don't even want to wipe the smoothie mustache with a napkin! Give me a moment, I will lick my lips on this one. I am a texture person who preferred this one go down smooth but be as fulfilling as a meal on my stomach. What better way than her favorite(avocado) and mine(peanut butter)? I was not sure about the thought of avocado and mango in the same batch but she assured me that it was the combination she wanted. How would that be for protein and fiber!?

Avocado contains over a dozen and a half essential amino acids and just a cup provides nearly 40% of your daily dose of fiber. There are so many other goodies in this smoothie, I couldn't deny the thought that it sounds healthy. From Potassium to Iron and Vitamins B-6 and Magnesium, the shake should be goodness in a glass and it was!

The honey, mango and banana added the right amount of sweetness, the lasting peanut butter on the tongue left the right amount of saltiness. Although, it was not salty at all. Plenty of ice made it cold and refreshing. All of this substance combined with coconut milk to give it the right consistency made for an amazing combination!

Now, I'd venture to say this would likely be good with cashew milk or a lactaid for those with dairy, soy, or coconut-flavor issues but whatever the case just be sure to blend it well-a good four to five minutes or until the solid ingredients are pureed and combine well with the liquids. Again, being a texture person I don't often like the concept of chunks in my drink but to each his own.

That said, the ingredients are below. Happy combining!

Avocado Banana Mango Coconut Milk Peanut Butter (or your favorite nut butter) Honey (leave out if you want to keep it vegan) Ice

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